When will your order ship?
Current shipping times will be listed on our Home Page. 

Can you combine orders?
No, at this time we cannot. Shopify has told us that this is not an option at this time. 

Where do you ship?
We are located in the United States and ship everywhere except the UK. Unfortunately due to the recent United Kingdom tax law changes it leaves us not willing to comply with their mandates. There are a few countries like Australia, that have COVID guidelines, which leave us unable to ship until mandates are lifted. If you receive an error in shipping please check your country Covid mandates as far as receiving international packages.

Do we do Custom Listings or Custom Colorways?
We do not, we usually very busy with our regular colorways. Thank you for your interest though!

Could my yarn look different in person that what I saw online?
Yes....and no. We follow tried and true recipes, but small batch dyeing can result in varied results. This is the blessing and the curse of indie dyed yarn. Computer monitors and phone screens can also effect the colorways. Just be aware, but please know we do our best the match.

Can my yarn be caked?
We do not cake or ball yarn so if you have asked for this to be done, please know it is not an option.

How do I wash my finished items?
We recommend hand washing your finished items in cold water with wool wash and laying flat to dry. We use Soak Wool Wash after dyeing your yarn and you can find it in the shop.

What is your return policy?
We do not take returns or exchanges during the pandemic so please shop carefully at this time. Once things get back to normal our usual policy is for exchanges only. If you are not happy with your purchase, please contact us at thelemonadeshoporders@gmail.com.

How can I follow the shop on social media?
You can follow The Lemonade Shop here: